Napkin Theology

Discipleship is never quick and easy, but pastors and church leaders are finding that people have little time for in-depth, one-on-one spiritual conversations. How can you make the most of brief bits of conversation here and there, over lunch or at the coffee shop?

In Napkin Theology, Mike Hilson shows that you don’t have to spend hours with someone in order to make a significant investment in their discipleship. Each discussion starter includes a simple image you can quickly sketch on whatever is at hand – a digital tablet, the back of a menu, or even a paper napkin. Along with the image, you’ll find an easy-to-communicate explanation, teachable questions, and a more in-depth study of the theological truth it illustrates.

Redeem the precious little time you have with disciples and other spiritual seekers and transform those impromptu moments into opportunities for spiritual growth.

Available for purchase at church or online at Amazon! Also offered in Kindle version.

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