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A Significant IMPACT for Christ

Why does God love ME? How do I become a part of the family of God? How do I pray? How do I become more like Christ? Does God forgive and forget all of my sins? Why should we praise God? How do I apply Christian love? How do I reach the world for Christ?

These are just some of the questions people hesitate to ask about God and faith. This book will help to answer these questions and more. So we Invite you to know Christ, Mature and become more like Him, learn to Praise Him for all He does in your life, begin to Act in Christian love, and answer the Call to serve others in Jesus’ name. In doing all of this, you will earn the Trust of those around you. What an IMPACT you could have! Let’s get started!

Available for purchase at church or online at Amazon! Also offered in Kindle version.

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