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The mission of New Life Women is to reach women where they are, to help grow them in the knowledge and grace of Christ, and to send them out into their homes, churches and communities to repeat the process. We want to reach women on all levels of their lives in any way we can, be it through a simulcast, retreat, tea, workshop or conference. We want them to connect to each other through small groups, so that they may be able to bond with others. We want to empower women!

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Common Questions

We exist to provide a place where women can come together with other women and learn and grow together in Christ. We are social beings and we thrive on being with others. New Life Men is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Come check us out!
Deciding to join New Life Women doesn’t mean that you’re signing up for another required weekly or monthly meeting. We don’t want to add to your already hectic life schedule, but instead we want to add value to your life by providing a place where women alike can come together. There are no regularly scheduled meetings. We have events! And our events are fun! We also have life groups you can join.
No, you do not! Come as you are just the way you are! We welcome all women.