Marriage Ministry

We provide support to couples in all aspects of marriage, from preparation and enrichment to crisis help and outreach. The goals of the New Life Marriage Ministry are to teach couples:

  • How to have a distinctively Christian marriage
  • To honor the sacred covenant of marriage
  • The importance of personal repentance and purity
  • About the sanctity of God-ordained roles
  • How to leave a legacy of spiritual vitality for the next generation


Desire Mentoring?

If you would like an experienced couple to walk beside you for several months as you enhance your marriage, please complete the online form below. Both the husband and wife need to complete a separate form. The online form can be downloaded, filled out and emailed to Cary Casola. A marriage mentoring coordinator will contact you after your application has been received. Marriage Mentoree Application. Please complete the form and email it to Cary and Vicki Casola at Contact number is 301-638-4727.

Become a Marriage Mentor Couple

Do you have a heart for marriages and have a passion for helping couples grow in their faith? YOU could be a Marriage Mentor! As a mentor, you and your spouse meet with Mentoree Couples on a regular basis to talk, answer questions, share experiences, advise and pray. You draw from your own marriage and relationship experiences and the things God has shown you to help your Mentorees avoid the mistakes you made or to make wise choices like you did. It’s not counseling; it’s a method for wise and gentle guidance. Contact Cary & Vicki Casola by email ( or to learn how you can become a Mentor Couple.

Want to be involved?

If you are interested in helping with the Marriage Ministry, please contact the church office or call Bill & Holly Waddell at 301-751-2580.