In Loving Memory of Conner Worosz


One of our families has recently suffered a great loss.  Please click here to leave the Worosz family thoughtful words, memories, and pictures that you may want to share with them. Your words will be made into a memorial book to honor Conner.

Please join us as we walk alongside and pray for Tom and Mindi Worosz, their family, and the youth in our church and community that are affected by this tragedy.


  1. Christian Atnafseged says

    Anybody that goes to hayfield, anybody that’s 2018 graduate, anybody that was in my classes I consider all as my friends even if they knew me or not and Conner is a friend to me. Realizing how close he was in my circle of going to the same high school and being in some of the same classes as me hurts me every time I tell myself that, but God needed another angel in his kingdom and now he has got one. God has a plan for everybody and something like this surely something good will come out of this, and for the Worosz family just remember God gives his strongest tasks to his strongest soldiers something my mother always tells me. Worosz family you will be in my prayers till all your strengths gets gained back to your hearts. Never lose faith.

  2. Grayson Crouch says

    Conner was such an amazing friend so close that I consider him one of my brothers. It’s rare to find a high school guy who is maturing into a young adult with a cool head on his shoulders. That’s exactly what I found in Conner. I met him when we had Golf tryouts freshman year, he had the coolest golf clothes on and his contagious smile matched it.I was so jealous of the clubs he had they were so much better than mine! And he had the skills worthy enough to play with those clubs too! For 3 Years on the Hayfield Golf team Conner, Gabe,Timmy and I would build an unbreakable bond that would help with our success on the Golf course. There would be many times where we would either go to the course before practice or stay after to get some extra work in. I’m truly honored to call him my teammates he had every quality of a great teammate. Whether it was on the Golf course or in the classroom Conner and I always had a good time. I remember our 9th grade English teacher Ms. Connell was the meanest teacher ever, she hated me so much. Conner would always stand up for me in class I appreciate him for doing that. I would always tell him “I can tell why she’s a Ms. and not Mrs.”We would always laugh when we got her riled up and upset at our class. It was fun playing the game of golf we love but it was even better that I got to know him on a personal level. I would always play with him and his father when we had an off day and I took that opportunity to get to know him and his father better.My father and I could always get a good laugh from those two, their close relationship was contagious and helped us bond on the team. I quickly realized how special of a person he was and how great his family was. When I attended the candlelight service at our school there were so many people there to support him and his family. I’m still awestruck on how we can all come together as a community and share stories and feel such deep emotion together. If there’s one thing you should remember about Conner it’s his extra large heart and soul that made a difference to so many people. May you rest easy brother, I will see u on the other side. We all love you

    Rest in peace,

  3. Mary Worosz says

    Dearest Conner,

    You were my first nephew…the child who taught me how to love a child as my own. While your death leaves a giant, gaping hole in my heart, it also reminds me of the immense pride I have felt in being your Aunt. I have spent the last 17 years loving you SO hard, and I’ve bragged about your sweet and kind heart to anyone who would listen! You brought so much joy to my life, in your short life, and I’ll forever be grateful to God for giving you to MY family, to love and to cherish these past 17 years.

    You were my 1st nephew and will forever remain my #1 dude. Please watch over us and keep us safe under those fresh, new wings. If I had to dig for one small blessing right now it’s knowing that I can actually picture the face of my very own guardian angel.

    Rest up, kid, because when I make it to Heaven I fully plan on beating the crap out of you for all this heartache you’ve put us through!!!

    My love for you is eternal, Conner!!

    Sweet dreams ❤️
    Chuchie Mary

    • Shawna says

      Precious Angel,
      This last month and 1/2, we have all missed you so, so much. The holes in our hearts will remain; the pain will remain, but knowing you are in the Lord’s hands is the comfort we get right now. Nothing is the same and will never be the same without you. The holidays bring such heavy hearts, but we know you would want us to somehow celebrate…that you know there is life on this earth to be had by your darling brother and sister, by your parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins. We miss you Conner. We miss you so deeply. We will see you again someday.

      Rest in the Lord’s hands and know our love for you is indescribable and we cherish you always and forever.
      Auntie Shawna

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